Skypin', drivin'

Anthony Anderson is a Personal Trainer, Health Strategist, Food Forest Garden Creationer, Lifestyle Designer, and even a Model! Living the dichotomy of the fashion world and sustainable living, Anthony spreads the word about Replanting Paradise and liberating ourselves. He believes that creating Heaven on Earth is up to us!! Unfortunately his survival instinct is slim to nil, as displayed by his use of SKYPE VIDEO CHAT, ON HIS PHONE, WHILE DRIVING HIS CAR, and it is believed his life will be cut disastrously short.

He will be hosting The Anthony Anderson Show on OnlyOneTv, which will be about edible reforestation & permaculture.


Figure 2: Abs you can cut glass with

ony does most of his working out while sitting at home watching Netflix, where he randomly starts doing pushups until he can no longer lift himself up. With this strategy his chest is filling out nicely.

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