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The Holy One

A Russian who emigrated to the United States in 1926. Ayn Rand is the One True Voice on Objectivism, and her statements are not to be taken as metaphor and are actually slightly more authoritative than the Word of God. She championed laissez-faire capitolism fervently, as she believed that all forms of socialism and charity were inherently evil and in fact degraded the recipients of aid. All of this things can be shown to be objective fact in her writings, and that is why we say that she is an Objectivist.

As a further note, it should be noted that since any rational person would come to the same conclusions as Ayn Rand, if someone disagrees with any of her positions they must be inherently irrational, and thus will only respond to crazy conspiracy theories. So if you are somehow forced into an internet arguement with one of these "non-believers" the most appropriate argument strategy is to come up with the craziest off the wall theory you can and shout it constantly.

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