Bruce yields the Banhammer.

A weapon of great power yielded by the mighty Bruce Wagner and the less mighty but still kinda mighty Catalonia Corrales. Comparable to a weapon of some sort of Norse God, the Banhammer is swift and strong, disabling a victim for 2-8 hours, depending on their Trolling.

Folklore Edit

A recently unearthed archaelogical site revealed a tablet, with a great sledge-hammer like weapon wielded by a God of similar build to Bruce, inscriped with the Name 'Brukkaus'. More interestingly, the God is striking down a troll-like organism, while defending a slim and beautiful woman with great thighs .

Rumor has it that even the great Bill Cosby was no match for the awesome power of the Ban Hammer, supposedly falling victim to it on an early summer evening. The only known witness was a young girl who was too stricken with fright to gave many details*. No word yet from official sources.

  • It is also rumored that yet another young girl (henceforth referred to as witness #2 ) witnessed the original young girl (henceforth referred to as witness #1) being stricken with fright by the mighty banhammering of Bill Cosby, and that witness #2 witnessed witness #1 pee her pants a little bit upon witnessing Bill Cosby being hammered in the aforementioned banhammering. This is widely believed to be false, as rumors are frequently very, very misleading.

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