Bruce Wagner, or Bruce as he is known, is the creator and CEO of OnlyOneTV . If you are an underaged Thai prostitute you may recognize him as "Daddy". You may also recognize him as a giant asshole.
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Ed worshipping his lover Bruce

This user is a suspected pedophile rapist and proved rape apologist.

This user closed the chatroom because they were afraid people were catching up to them!

Biography Edit

Bruce moved from Pattaya, Thailand to Florida, to New York City to become the next Oprah.

He is 50 years old, born april 27 1961. He looks good for his age: even the underaged Thai prostitute boys say the same thing.

Before becoming a BitCoin tycoon, Bruce and his partner Ed were mortgage fraudsters and are perminatly enjoined from operating or servicing any kind of mortgage loans in the states of Nevada and Illinois.

Since his internet speed rise to stardom and the founding of the OnlyOneTV global news corporation, Bruce is now at the helm of a self-proclaimed "global television network for a new generation". His shows can reach an estimated viewership level of 10-90 trolls, depending on if has been hacked or not.

Bruce now shills Bitcoins on the internet. He tries desperately to get people to invest in something that has literally dropped from $33 a coin to less than $5 in 2 months. Bitcoin's scam based economy runs on 15-35 year old white men who are very very upset about... The fed? Government regulation? Their crippling inability to purchase mercenary divisions to conquer small countries?

Most recently, Bruce has staked the future of the BitCoin on his desire to go to Pattaya, Thailand in order to have easy access to child prostitutes.

Seems to think that "..." and "," are interchangeable.

Bruce has now fled the country upon learning that the FBI has been contacted in regards to his habitual child molestation.

Having failed to appear in an NY court room, Bruce now has a warrent out for his arrest.

Famous Quotes Edit

Very, very misleading

"Up, up, up"

"Buy High, Sell low"

"Internet Speed"

"Sex me Ed"

"Lazy Journalism"


"It's literally impossible to lose money with Bitcoin; it just keeps going down on its way to the top!"

"GITF" - "Get it fucking done now!"

"He said he was 15! He was very misleading!"

"I'll be back for your kid... with a whole private jet full of people like me!"

"ALL women should know that men simply can’t control the wild animal that sleeps inside their pants."

Address and Contact Information Edit

Phone 646-580-0020

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