Earth Mom is on the right.

Real name 'Jude Byrne', 'Earth Mother' or 'Mom' as OnlyOneTV fans have come to know her, is regarded as a mysterious deity. When asked 'What is your favourite recreational drug?', she responded that 'life' was what she got high off. She was quick to note that she does not advocate the use of 'life' or any other recreational drug, no matter its pharmaceutical or medicinal uses.

She is the host of We Are Only One, a show about new thought and ancient wisdom.

She is Earth Mother, all hail.

Drums Edit

Earth Mother is famous for her many drums, used to sooth the chat room during their autism-fuelled rages. She has on one occasion - albeit somewhat obliviously - played war drums live via skype while Bruce Wagner threatened to call the cops on a communist.

Ornaments Edit

Earth Mother has a number of neat ornaments that she enjoys showing to the Chatroom without explanation. She is therefore regarded as somewhat irrational, Ayn Rand would not be proud.