An intern who once appeared on the chatroom. Felix made mention of needing a paying job, and sat in the Bosschair . He was loved by all.

Felix has not been seen since sitting in the Bosschair.

Theories Edit

At the promting of the Chatroom, Felix attempted a complete 360 degree spin of the Bosschair. At approximately 210 degrees into the spin an incident occurred. Several indeterminate noises were heard, and Felix could be seen bending down. However, due to the camera placement, the desk obscured many of the details of the event as it took place. Felix managed to pull out of it and complete the 360 degree spin, but was visibly shaken and unresponsive to questioning regarding the incident.

The prevailing theories are;

  • He spun the Boss Chair in such a way to travel back in time and the incident was him fataly kicking his infant grandfather in the head. Factoring in the speed of the internet, this meant that Felix would have vanished from existance approx. 13 hours after the incedent.
  • He knocked over Josh's bong, the punishment for which is death.
  • He knocked over all of Bruce's bitcoins, which Bruce spent 3 weeks carefully stacking. After finishing his edits for the up coming Ubuntu Show, he apologized profusely to both Bruce and his ancestors, and then commited ritual suicide.

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