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Joshua in his street clothes.


The source of Mr. Lindsay's inspiration and designer of polo shirts

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Joshua with Sarah Palin. The drink is 2 thirds Vodka with one third Pepsi.

AKA PhatGayKid, Josh is a writer and performer who is developing an as yet unnamed comedy show that will premiere on OnlyOneTV. He is also an excellent singer, seeming to have a prefererence for Disney songs and modern pop.

Josh can typically be seen on OnlyOneTV strutting in his own carefully refined style. While opting to wear T-shirts most of the time, Josh adds his own dramatic flair by choosing ones with witty slogans or art, such as the crowd favorite "I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am". Recently, Josh shook the fashion world by dressing in a Grimace inspired polo shirt and shorts. This new take on the classic McDonald's character may lead to a revolution in fashion, inspiring others to present their own take on the genre.

While Bruce originally wanted the show to be called "The Ringworm Sisters", sanity has prevailed, and Bruce has announced that Josh's Comedy show will be named "The Voices In My Head". However this announcement shocked the Chatroom as well, as people felt that this new name was a target at mentally disabled people.


Josh shows his wares to the camera.

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