Manny protecting his sweet angel.

Manny. Manny never changes.

Manny is one of the hosts of the famous El Show De Bitcoin, the spanish language version of The Bitcoin Show. Manny is an awesome host, whose mildly broken Spanish is overshadowed by his strange ability to randomly start grinning and almost laugh, an ability that has absolutely nothing to do with the laptop on his lap.

More importantly than his duties as show host, Manny is the champion and knight-errant of Marlene. He has a sworn duty to protect and defend her body, thighs, and honor in all matters, and does so with a fury and vengence that has not been seen since Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

It is thought by some that Manny may be a robot, controlled by the chatroom. His programming is limited to ear touching, foot tapping and nose rubbing. However these simple gestures are enough for Manny to warn us if he needs food or water, or if Ed is holding him captive.

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