Marlene's true angelic form is revealed.

Marlene is a goddess. She is all that is good in this world. She is Manny's girlfriend, they belong together, and should never ever be apart. Just look at that Halo! According to Bruce she has been dating someone else since 29/6/2011. Keep on truckin' Manny! :( .

Thighs Edit

Marlene has really good thighs. Manny is so on that evey night mmmmmm

Origin of Thighs Edit

Thought to be of pre-natal origin, Marlene's fine thighs were first publicly recorded at the Puerto Rica elementary schools third tribunal, where she was champion in a famous Chicken Race. In this race, Marlene was able to carry her much larger partner to victory, a feat which could only be accomplished by having such beautiful sculpted thighs.