Mt Gox, which stands for Magic The Gathering: Online Exchange (yes, the children's card game) was the primary Bitcoin exchange, holding 95% of all mined bitcoins, until retarded security decisions the absence of security decisions ended up getting them hacked.

Now, after holding their account holders' money for around a week while getting back up, they are manipulating the price of bitcoins with a large buy order that adjusts to a small amount below the current price in order to ensure the value does not crash again. What future idiocy remains for Mt Gox? Only time will tell.

Mt. Gox is currently owned and operated by Mark Karpeles , although the previous owner's accounts are still on the server and are still active. This allowed the previous owner and authorized hackers to access the system and make new transactions without having to verify those actions with the current administration.

Mt Gox's apology and explanation of events can be found HERE

Bruce recently announced that Mt Gox will be sponsoring all 31 planned shows on the OnlyOneTV network.

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