Chatroom Response to Bruce's post of 'This' while trying to show Earth Mother the location of the Chatroom.

The chatroom will soon be gone. The chatroll bastards wanted $800 a month and rights to advertise on the show, so Bruce told them to Fuck off, and rightly so. Goodbye Chatroom, you wont be missed.

The chatroom is a troll-free zone. Trolling will result in the use of the banhammer. The Chat is not any one specific show as it is a function of every show. In the chat, true Bruce fans and true Bitfanatics often pit their minds against each other in a fantastic battle of wits. The Chat often contributes content and design suggestions to Bruce and Ed and has become an important part of the OnlyOneTV family

The Chatroom is moderated by Catalonia Corrales who expertly detects trolls and deals with their trolling with a great vengence and furious anger, not unlike Samuel L. Jackson.


A Typical Chat