FUCK... YES...

Just look at that fucking thing! Look at it! It has the power of four regular helicopters IN ONE! Cops can't take down four copters. They'll be at a total loss when faced with the awesome might of the quadricopter.

Origins of Quadricopter Edit

The quadricopter concept originally originated from an original idea from one of the chat members that the chat members should have the power to control some sort of camera to look around the OnlyOneTV labs. Bruce Wagner gleefully seized on this idea 'CARPE QUADRICOPTER' as the old saying goes, and it eventually evolved into a fully fledged concept, further promoting the OnlyOneTV's ideas of freedom of speech and a 'new network for a new generation'.

Goals of the QuadricopterEdit

Bruce and the chatroom hope that quadricopter will allow the staff of the show to focus more intently on the production of the show, instead of having to constantly move the camera around to provide for an interesting show. In addition, the night chatters hope to be able to protect and defend the premises from burglars. To further facilitate this goal, it is said that the quadricopter will be armed with a taser and/or flame thrower.

A small sub-section of the chatroom hopes to use the copter to search for the missing intern Felix who was last seen sitting in the Bosschair. However, it is likely that these intrepid explorers will be overpowered by the rest of the chatroom, and possibly locked in the same closet.

Due to an unforeseen problem with the quadricopter, the test run was called off before chat could control it. Andrew said he would be back at a future date however.

Turns out the copter wasn't actually controlled by the Chat but would instead involove a third party giving voice commands over skype (see image). This has since led to uproar in the chat.


Lying bastards.