Team Fortress 2, while once a petty videogame for hairy manchildren, the TF2 'hat exchange ' is the biggest up and coming medium for bitcoin transactions.

Hats Edit

A proposed medium of exchange for Bitcoins. Hats were initially suggested by Atlas after securing his mother's credit card so he could buy Steam money to play Team Fortress 2. Hats also serve a secondary purpose in protecting one's anonymity by blocking the Government's brain scans. Atom was observed to be wearing a hat in his appearance on The Bitcoin Show. The official hat of Bitcoin is the fedora.

Proposed Method for Hat exchange Edit

  1. Atlas uses mom's credit card to buy steam money
  2. He buys a hat, from Valve's "non centralised, fixed exchange rate" store
  3. Within the wonders of the TF2 exchange, where he can "instantly trade hats, there's no delay" he sends the hat
  4. He then recieves bitcoin in exchange for hat

Benefits of this method:

  • Less likelihood of brain damage
  • Don't have to leave pc on all day
  • Faster
  • Hats

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