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The Bitcoin show is a daily piece (Monday to Friday, with the exception of Wednesday when it is replaced by the Spanish language show; El Show de Bitcoin) which chronicles the rise-fall-rise-fall-rise of Bitcoin.

It is usually hosted by open-source internet personality Bruce Wagner, who is often joined by eccentric philanthropist billionaire Edward Gel and a guest or two.

The Bitcoin Show is currently OnlyOneTV's most popular show, and has a lively and diverse chat community which is often heavily involved in shaping the structure and content of the shows. This is possible because the show's community is renowned for being completely troll-free.

Despite the show's somewhat humble beginnings and the fact that it is mostly staffed by unpaid interns, The Bitcoin Show has developed into the well-oiled machine that you can see today. It employs avant-garde techniques such as as Dutch angles and multiple camera angles to deliver a highly professional viewing experience.

Guests on the show have ranged from the dull, to the crazy, to the just plain dangerous, but at the time of writing the show continues to be an international runaway success.

List of The Bitcoin Show Episodes Edit

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