The Bitcoin Show ep11

Featuring Edit

Marwan Salem (not Salam) of Meze Grill.

Jared, Adam and Fransico of


Marwan Salem, founder and owner of the first restaurant in the world to accept Bitcoin at the cash register, the now defunct Meze Grill and the three founders and owners of TradeHill, which is also gone.

What Happened Edit

Amazing news

Bruce explains the crazy hacker happenings of the Great Mt Gox Panic of '11, and how you should use good passwords.

Bruce and Marwan reminisce about the Orgin Story of Meze Grill. Bitcoins aren't as big a bitch as credit card so Meze Grill became a huge success being out from the thumb of the evil credit card cartels.

Bruce and the guys from talk deep bitcoin exchange theory and swap war stories about the Great Mt Gox Panic of '11. Even Marwan gets into it with his extensive bitcoin, merchant fee and media experience. The Tradehill guys then law down the law on security and referral spamming.


Episode 11 on YouTube

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